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Desert2River Is More Than A Brand - It’s A Lifestyle!

Everyone knows there are four seasons throughout the year, but for many it comes down to just two main parts of their lives; boating and dirt bike riding. When the sun is hot, the air is warm and there’s an open body of water near (or far) many people pack up their swimsuits, snacks, grab their boats and families to head out and spend their time cooling off at the river. From inner tubing to wake boarding (and everything in between) the “river” lifestyle is a time to make many fun memories with friends and family, new and old. Alternatively, when the fall months come, and winter is just around the corner, numerous people take their dirt bikes, quads and razors to head out towards the desert to get some well needed riding in. When this “desert” lifestyle approaches, friends and family alike get to enjoy time together racing each other (for fun of course) across seas of dirt.

The Desert2River brand is a fantastic lifestyle that brings new and old friends (and family) together – giving them the opportunity for fun, enjoyment and incredible memories. Whether you fall under “desert”, “river” or both, this not so average clothing brand is something for all to adore.

This is not your average lifestyle brand so enjoy the ride!

About the Owner

As long as she could remember, Lexi has always been a desert and river loving girl. From the time she was born, and into the distant future, you can always find her either rippin' up California City on her Honda 250x or soaking up the sun on the family boat out in Parker! Living that lifestyle all her life, she knew that there were others out there that shared the same kind of devotion to the dirt and love of the water. Desert2River was born from the passion of family, dirt, water, and good times all around! This is what Lexi lives for!

You can keep up with Lexi as she makes the journey from the dirt to the river year round, to finding people with the same desires as she does; follow her Instagram page (@LexiKotsinadelis) or by clicking on her image!



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